Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Season For All Fairs

I love this time of year...not only is fall my favorite season but it is when the season of fair after fair after fair commences. I kicked it off two weeks ago at the Mission West Spring and Fall Arts Festival and continued this past Sunday in Venice at the Abbot Kinney Festival.

As you know by now it has been my honor to share these fair experiences with my esteemed fellow artist
(stop laughing Michelle) and one of my truest friends, Michelle Caplan. As the season gets rolling we go through the excitement/panic of creating until we can't see straight...leaving ourselves just enough energy to load and unload the car at the end of the weekend.

This weekend, October 4th - 5th we'll be participating in the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair.
A first for both of us and one we've heard great things about.

On October 25th I'll be in Claremont, at Village Venture...a festive pre-Halloween kick off
where the best costumes are worn by toddlers and pets!

We love visits from familiar faces (I've been know to throw myself at my devout muses) so if you're in the area please come say hello!

More shows to be listed soon :)

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