Friday, August 18, 2006

Tonight, I blog. I am inspired by art! Those who catch me off guard with their gifts. Reaching people unexpectedly, leaving us wanting more. This portrait holds my heart. It was composed by Michelle Caplan, a piece I commissioned her to create capturing the essence of my line of jewelry, HannahMade. The woman posing so elegantly, is my late grandmother Esther. She is my continuous inspiration and this piece, titled HannahMade (Esther), says it all.

However, the first piece I purchased from Michelle was this 8 x 6 original Kristen2. I am drawn to the innocence and pure joy Kristen's smile makes me feel. Had to have it. :)

The most recent addition is one by Cricket Press...I haven't even gotten it yet, but the purchase has been made. I was so drawn to this piece because Heart Girl looks like she's caught off guard by how much love she's in for! I love it!

The two shattered-glass magnets to the right are by artist Tommy P. Johnson. I display them with another magnet that reads "Love is a friendship caught on fire." I don't know the influence behind these emotional pieces, but that is how they effect me.

So here we have it, my first blog and the beginnings of a beautiful art collection. I look forward to seeing other art collections out there, do share!!!

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