Friday, January 05, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

From ShandyKing to Michelle Caplan to here it goes, 5 things that make me more interesting (if you can imagine!) :)

1. My real name is Hannah-Childe. Yes they were hippies.

2. One time I peed in public (not on a camping trip). Sorry! It was Halloween and I was lost in Silverlake, what do you want from my life????

3. I'm a math geek...when I was in 3rd grade we could do math crosswords for extra credit and I finished a semester's worth in one week! and I was in the Knowledge Bowl in High School competing in math.

4. When I was in 6th grade I ran the 1/4 mile in track. I was about to beat Max Bigelow in a race and missed my moment of glory when I collapsed from an asthma attack about 15 yards from the finish line. It's ok...I think it's funny too. Now.

Last but not least
5. I LOVE brussel sprouts!!!

I will be back when I find the next 5 victims :)

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profumodipipa said...

I tuoi orecchini sono molto belli.-
Un saluto dall'Italia.-